Aspirations blends jazz, pop, folk, electronica and world music in a truly unique vision.

★☆ - The Weekend Australian


Nominated for best Jazz Vocal Album in the 2015 Jazz Bell Awards.

Aspirations transcends its acoustic jazz instrumentation to worlds of electronically-augmented sonic atmospheres. Tom sings original prose and wordless music pondering the self and the natural world, featuring jazz improvisation, extended vocal techniques, and live electronic looping and effects processing. The album brings together a heavy-hitting band to blend jazz, pop, folk, electronica and world music in a truly unique vision.

“Electronic and acoustic thoughts merge and co-exist beautifully, improvisational elements are born around concrete expressions, and in the middle of it all sits Barton, putting his poetry in motion with beautifully clear-headed vocals.” – The Weekend Australian

” a beautifully nuanced, varied, and soulful vision.” – Australian Musician Network



  • Tom Barton – Voice and live looping/effects
  • Joseph O’Connor – Piano
  • Philip Rex – Bass
  • Peter Evans – Drums
  • Stephen Magnusson – Guitar
  • Andy Sugg – Tenor Saxophone
  • Georgie Darvidis – Voice
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